Colvin Coat of Arms
Colvin Family Crest
Charles Colvin Sr. Progenitor of my line of 
Colvin descendants rooted deeply in Colonial Virginia.
      My 4th Great Grandfather
Wife unknown at this time.
Children: Charles Jr., William, Richard, John,
           Mary, Elizabeth, & Raleigh.

William Colvin progenitor of my Colvin line.
      My 3rd Great Grandfather
Born in Virginia abt. 1760 died; 1826
 Children with 1st wife Ann George
           Sarah, Jane, Fielding, james, 
           John and Anna
Children with 2nd Wife Elizabeth Robbins
           Mary Polly, William W., Richard, 
           Elisha, Nancy, Henry, George,
           Moses, Elizabeth, Alfred,
           Payton Johnson, Charles

Moses Colvin my 2nd Great Grandfather.
Born; 1807 Died; btw 1850-1860
Children with Wife Mary Smith.
           Sarah, Henry, William, & Charles

Henry Colvin my Great Grandfather. 
Born; 1839  Scott, Vanderburgh, Indiana
Died; 1899 Carrier Mills, Illinois
Children with wife Hester Ann Langford Colvin
           Sarah E. Colvin Van Hoy,
           Lucy M. Colvin Tanner,
           Thomas Franklin, & Auther Henry.

Thomas Franklin Colvin my Grandfather,
Born; 21 Oct 1882 Carrier Mills, Illinois
Died; 5 June 1975 Independence City, St Louis Mo.
Children with wife  (nickname Gusta)Mary Augusta Elizabeth Witcher Colvin
            Etha Marie Born; 11 June 1904
              Died; 15 Feb 1908
           Alpha Edna Colvin Jackson 
              Born; 13 Aug 1906
              Died; 28 July 1992
           Paul Thomas
              Born; 7 Jan 1912
              Died; 24 April 2004
          Johnny P. Morton
    (Military changed his name to Morton Johnny Colvin)
            Born; 8 July 1915
            Died; 1 Nov 2006
         Lillian Augusta Colvin Hopwood
            Born; 13 Nov 1918
            Died; 20 dec 2002
   Colvin Tartan
Roxburgh District